Dualog Seafarer - Changelog


This page lists every changelog to Dualog® Seafarer since its first release.

05 DECEMBER 2023


  • Resolved an infrequent issue where emails from a vessel could vanish when sent to numerous recipients, a problem reported twice to support.
  • Implemented SRS (Sender Rewriting Scheme) for forwarded emails through distribution lists and within accounts. This enhancement ensures that SPF (Sender Policy Framework) is maintained during email forwarding, preventing any potential email authentication issues.

28 NOVEMBER 2023


  • Introducing the ability to manually edit the rank of a Seafarer account. When performed manually, users are presented with a predefined list of ranks to choose from.
  • Integration with your Crew Management System now allows seamless synchronization of ranks, respecting the data originating from the system.
  • Ranks are now applicable in the context of distribution lists. Users can create distribution lists based on ranks, enhancing flexibility in managing and organizing Seafarer accounts.

15 NOVEMBER 2023


  • Added the functionality to create distribution lists based on user ranks in Seafarer.
  • This feature allows the creation of specialized distribution lists, such as a "Senior Officers" list, where users can conveniently add all Captains, Chief Engineers, and Chief Officers based on their designated ranks.

07 NOVEMBER 2023


  • Implemented the capability to establish a customized password policy for Seafarers.
  • Users now have the flexibility to define and enforce specific password requirements tailored to their security preferences and organizational needs.

06 NOVEMBER 2023


  • Addressed a zero-day exploit identified in Roundcube, the webmail platform utilized by Seafarer.
  • The Roundcube team promptly released a patch to rectify the vulnerability.
  • The Seafarer instance of Roundcube has been updated to the latest version, incorporating the necessary security fixes to mitigate the identified exploit.

01 NOVEMBER 2023


  • Enhanced the Seafarer Status page by introducing graphical representations illustrating product usage.
  • The graphs are dynamically generated based on unique user logins through the identity server. This includes instances where users access their accounts to check emails or employ Single Sign-On (SSO) for logging into third-party services.
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