Dualog Endpoint - Step-by-Step Guide for Device Control feature


The new feature Device Control allows users to manage and control the access and usage of external devices connected to their computers.

This documentation provides guidance on how to enable Device Control feature and adding allowed devices such as authorised USB thumbdrive for users to copy/move files from one client PC to another client PC.

Getting to the Configurations page

  1. Log in to apps.dualog.com with your credentials.
  2. Click on 3 lines on the top left hand corner of the web page and select "Endpoint".
  3. Click on "Configurations".


Adding Configuration

1. Click on "Create Configuration" and enable "Device Control".

2. Select the devices you wish to block and type in the name of the configuration settings.

3. Click "Continue" and Click "Assign to ship(s)" to assign it to the ship(s).

4. Select the ship(s) and Click "Continue".


Add allowed device to the configuration

1. Click on the configuration you wish to add allowed device.

2. Click "Add allowed device" and enter the necessary details.

3. Click "Add device" and click "Save".




We may want to apply the same device control configuration to many devices with similar requirements on device control.

We can use tags to accomplish this. A tag can be assigned to one or more devices to form a group. We can then apply a device control configuration to this group by associating it with the tag.

Creating the Tag

First we create the tag and link it to locations that will share a common rule.

  1. Click on "Create Tag"
  2. Fill in a Name and Description
  3. Click on "Create Tag"
  4. Select the newly created tag
  5. Click "Assign Tag" at bottom left of the window
  6. Select devices you wish to associate with tag
  7. Click "Save"
  8. Click "Save" again in the "Edit Tag" window


With the tag group defined, we can go ahead and associate it with a Device Control configuration.

Associating the tag with a configuration

  1. Click on "Create configuration"
  2. Click on "Enable Device Control"
  3. Click on "Block Storage Devices(USB)
  4. Type in a name for the configuration
  5. Click "Continue"
  6. Select "Assign to Tag"
  7. Choose a tag to link with this configuration
  8. Click "Continue"


The blocking rule will now apply to every device defined by the associated tag


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