How to install the Dualog Antivirus (Client side)


Since the release of Connection Suite version 2.38 onwards, the Dualog ESET Antivirus solution has been completely overhauled.
If your ship is already equipped with an older version of the Dualog ESET Antivirus, you will need to uninstall every instance of the Dualog ESET Antivirus from every PC on board, including the Dualog PC, in order to install the new, improved version.


Connection Suite version 2.38 or later installed on the Dualog PC. The current version number is visible on the main Dualog Connection Suite login page.
Antivirus Client installer file (donwloadable from the Connection Suite interface on board).
A valid ESET base update package (usually named base-(version)) available on the Dualog PC.


  1. Access Dualog Connection Suite and click on the Support tab (1), then on the Antivirus link (2) that appears underneath the main menu.

  2. Click on the Download link (3) next to the Client Installer. If there is no Dowload link, the Antivirus software is not correctly installed on the Dualog PC. Please make sure that the redirect.jpg Dualog Antivirus software is installed on the Dualog PC.

  3. A pop-up window will appear. Select a placement for the Antivirus Client installer file and click on the Save button (4).

  4. Once the Antivirus Client installer file has been saved, double click on it to initiate the install procedure.
  5. you will be asked to make sure that other Antivirus products are completely removed from the Dualog PC before proceeding. Take a moment to double check if this is true and then click on "Yes" to proceed.


  6. The Antivirus installer will now check if a previous version of the Dualog ESET Antivirus is already installed on the current computer. A notification will pop up if this is true.


  7. Click on "Yes" to uninstall the previous versions of Dualog ESET Antivirus, then click on Uninstall and wait until the uninstall procedure of the previous version of Dualog ESET Antivirus is complete. You will now see an overview of the uninstallation results.


Click on Cancel, then double-click again on the Installer file that you have downloaded from Connection Suite and start the installation procedure again. This time the ESET check will prove negative and you will now be asked to confirm the standard installation settings. Click on "Next" until a final overview dialogue window will appear. Click on "Install" to proceed.



Once the installation procedure is complete, click on the "Finish" button.

Keep in mind that the "Device Control" will be red and Non-functional until the computer has been restarted. 



Your PC is now protected by the Dualog ESET Antivirus installation. Two new services have been added at Operative System level (Dualog Agent and Dualog Client Upgrade) and they will be responsible to communicate with the shore servers and make sure that the Antivirus is correctly updated to the latest signature.

In case of multiple signature updates from the Cloud, it might take some time until the client is fully updated and the current version is correctly displayed.






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