Network Control - Port Forwarding configuration


Port forwarding is a module available in Network Control. When Network Control receives packets on specified adapters/ports, it redirects these packets to specified local IP and port.

This functionality is typically useful when you want to reach an application on a computer within the ship network structure. Network Control can be a gateway for such initiatives coming from shore. Be aware that the IP address of the computer where Network Control is installed must be reachable from outside, preferable through a static IP. This is how the Port Forwarding module looks like.



The configuration below shows an example on how to configure port forwarding towards a server running a service using the TCP protocol through port 21 (for example, an FTP server). Please follow the steps below to configure port forwarding. Do remember to allow TCP port 21 under computer rights.

  •  Click config > Network control > Net Setup and configure a route to your server. Once done, click on the Save button.

  •  Configure port forwarding as per below and click on the Save button.

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