Enabling quota


Dualog Quota Management enables shipping companies to offer Internet to the crew within controlled frames. Allocate a certain amount of free surfing data each month, week or day to everyone or specified users on board, and then let the crew purchase more if they want.
The system can also limit the time per day used online. The service can be configured on the cloud version of Connection Suite Cloud (dualog.net).

The basic configuration consists of two operations:

  • Enabling quota.
  • Creating company price lists for different communication systems.

The general configuration contains 3 elements:

  • Enable/disable quota. Depending on ship configuration, this may enable/disable quota
    control for all ships in the fleet.
        Note: Ships set up to use the Quota Company setting, will automatically follow the general
        configuration – see explanation at the bottom of this page.
  • Currency.
  • Max amount user can buy per month. To help the users limit their cost, it is recommended to set a maximum value per month.


  1. Click Quota enabled in the window above.
  2. Fill in correct currency abbreviation (e.g. USD) and max purchase limit per seafarer per
    month as shown in the screenshot above.

Warning: No historical data will be remembered if Currency or Max amount is changed after a while. Changing currency mean that all historical data will change currency. Numbers will not change, but it can be confusing when a crew member purchases his own quota in Euro, and then later the currency is changed to USD. So choose currency carefully and stick to that currency.

Quota can be enabled or disabled on a ship level to override the company settings.

The choices are:

  • Use Company Setting: Follows the configuration set for company. This is the default value.
  • Disabled: Quota not configured regardless of company setting.
  • Enabled: Quota configured on a ship level, overriding the company setting.


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