Checking personal internet traffic summary

Access your personal Dualog page with your private login credentials, then click on the My Page tab and then on Internet Traffic.

What you see is a report of your internet usage. You may use this information to better understand how your internet traffic has been used.

Note: For privacy reasons, Connection Suite does not store information about the destination (i.e. what sites or services you've used). It only stores the amount of data, and from what device you've used this data

  1. Click the Internet Traffic tab.
  2. Choose From a date and To a date in the upper left part of the Search section.
  3. Click Search to see your Internet traffic for the selected period in the window on the next

You may get more data in the sections Hire Summary and Transactions in the lower part of the window above.

Clicking on the Internet Status tab, you will also be able to see redirect.jpg how much data you have consumed and how much data you have left in your account for the time being.


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