Purchasing Internet access


If the company allows purchase of Internet access, a Purchase button is visible at the lower left part of the Internet Status window.

redirect.gif Quota Management must be enabled.



Access your personal Dualog page with your login credentials.

Click on My Page, then on the Purchase button in the Internet Status window to open the purchase window as shown below.


The Company Price List is visible in the right part of the Purchase window.

In the above example, the seafarer is granted a free quota of 500 MB for Internet access via the carriers ICE and VSAT. They may also purchase additional Internet access for 0,5 USD per MB.

There is also a FleetBroadband carrier on the ship. There is no free quota associated to this carrier,
but the seafarer may purchase quota for 8 USD per MB. So, this is a very expensive way of getting
Internet access for the crew.


The purchase window contains information about your maximum allowed purchase value per month, how much is purchased so far and the remaining amount you may spend on Internet access. In this example you may purchase for a maximum of 100 USD per month.

  1. Type the value (USD) you want to spend on Internet access in the Purchase field.
  2. Click on the Purchase button.
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