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In order to keep the ship informed at all times about unexpected behaviours that can affect selected routine tasks, Connection Suite can send some warning emails to the ship's Postmaster.

This email is triggered as soon as a malfunction in the File Transfer module is detected, no matter how persistent or temporary the malfunction is. Before taking any action, please assess personally if the task mentioned in the email is currently working as intended. If it does, it means that the failure was only temporary and you do not need it to take any action

Warning: The File Transfer has failed to deliver file(s)!

This error message usually includes precious pieces of information about what section of the File Transfer job has or is currently failing. The full body of the email should look like this:

This is The Dualog Connection Suite at [SHIP NAME]
The File Transfer has failed to deliver file(s)!
To rectify the problem, please check that File Transfer configuration is correct,
and the computer running Connection Suite has access to destination directory.
The File Transfer will retry to import the file(s) until it succeeds.
Current Setup:
Application Name: XXXXX
Message Subject: XXXXX
Message Sender: XXXXX
E-mail Receiver: XXXXX
Destination Directory: XXXXX
Backup Directory: XXXXX

This notification is usually received whenever the destination directory suddenly cannot be accessed by the Dualog PC. If nobody, either from your IT department, or from Dualog, or from inside the ship, has executed any change in the File Transfer job configuration or performed any physical change on board (moved/replaced cables, disconnected PCs and so on), then the error message might be temporary. The Dualog PC will keep trying sending files to the right destination. If this email is being received for several hours, please make sure that the computer defined in the "Destination Directory" path defined in the email is still connected to the Local ship Network and is working as intended. A reboot of said PC might help.

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