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In order to keep the ship informed at all times about unexpected behaviours that can affect selected routine tasks, Connection Suite can send some warning emails to the ship's Postmaster.

These pieces of email are triggered as soon as a malfunction is detected, no matter how persistent or temporary the malfunction is. Before taking any action, please assess personally if the task mentioned in the email is currently working as intended. If it does, it means that the failure was only temporary and you do not need it to take any action


Warning: The DuaCorePro has failed locking the Tunnel!

The full body of the email should look like this:

Warning: Connection to the DuaCorePro has failed Dualog Connection Suite has not been able to establish connection to DuaCorePro.
This could indicate a problem with the DuaCorePro service.
As a result data can have been transferred on a more expensive carrier.

A restart of the DuaCorePro service, or a computer restart could help.

Connection Suite includes several modules that provide firewall and net routing capabilities to the vessel. Sometimes this module can fail to work as intended. Restarting the Dualog PC might fix the issue.

Warning: Network Control has failed locking on the connection method!

This warning message means that Connection Suite has failed to send data via a communication method in use on the vessel. You may wish to take note that these notifications are usually generated when there is intermittent connection to shore. This can be due to temporary loss of satellite connection, network congestion, out of satellite coverage, vessel blocked by cranes while docked at the harbour and so on.

This problem is usually temporary and you can ignore the notifications once satellite connections resume. If persistent, it'd be advisable to check with airtime provider or vendor of communications equipment for further assistance.


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