Internal warning mail: Least Cost Routing has failed


In order to keep the ship informed at all times about any unexpected behaviour that can affect critical tasks, Connection Suite is programmed to send selected warning email messages to the ship's Postmaster.

These email messages are triggered as soon as a specific malfunction is detected, no matter how temporary or persistent the highlighted issue is. Before taking any action, personally assess if the task mentioned in the email is currently working as intended. If it does, it means that the failure was only temporary and you do not need it to take any action.

Warning: The Least Cost Routing has failed X time(s) in a row

This automated notification is generated when the communication carriers on board are unstable or unavailable, and Connection Suite cannot automatically carry out a connection to send and receive mail.

This is generally caused by poor or absent coverage, interrupted data transmission sessions or issues with the airtime provider.

If the ship keeps receiving this message, please note that it is not possible to stop their flow as they are triggered whenever there are issues sending data via communications equipment. It is however possible to divert the messages to another stationary account, if needed.

If you need do so, access Connection Suite with an account with enough privileges, select the Config tab (1) at the far right corner of the main window, then click on System (2) at the far left and then on Current E-Mail System (3).

On the Master account field (4), please select the account you wish to assign as recipient of internal email.


Changing the Master account will only cause all automatic mail to be sent to the specified account. The normal mail corrispondence to and from Master on board will not be affected.


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