How to install the Antivirus Client (non-silent mode)


A situation may arise which the NOD32 installer can't cope in redirect.jpg silent mode. In this guide we present the recommended actions for non-silent installation, where you will be in charge of every bit of configuration, instead of it "silently" confirming the standard setup.

It is possible to choose the non-silent installation during the normal installation procedure; this particular option is often chosen because something didn't go as expecting during a previous installation attempt.


redirect.jpg Refer to this guide for the standard Antivirus Client installation procedure. Once presented with the following dialogue box,


tick "Show NOD32 installer dialogs during installation" to enter non-silent mode.

Once you see the welcome dialog box, click on Next to proceed.


Accept the End-User License Agreement (EULA) and click Next to proceed.


The following dialogue box will prompt you to input an username and a password. Check "Set update parameter later" and click Next to proceed. Username and Passwords fields should be empty.


On the next dialogue box, do not Agree to participate in ESET Live Grid and click Next to proceed. Select "Enable detection of potentially unwanted applications" and click Next to proceed.


Subsequently, click on Install to start installation, then Finish.

The Antivirus Client is now installed and running.

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