ESET NOD32 - How to update manually


This guide describes all the necessary steps to manually upgrade the ESET NOD32 Antivirus signature provided by Dualog on both the main Dualog PC and the Client PCs connected to the Dualog PC that cannot automatically be updated.


  1. On the affected computer(s), click on the ESET icon at the bottom left corner of the Windows taskbar & double-click on it. Alternatively, search for ESET Endpoint Antivirus via the search icon.mceclip3.png
  2. Once the main ESET Endpoint Antivirus window is open, press F5 on the keyboard or click on Setup > Advanced Setup.mceclip5.png
  3. Within the Update section, click on clear under clear update cache > click OKmceclip6.png
  4. Using the search icon, search for services.msc and open it.mceclip7.png
  5. Locate and restart DualogAgent and DualogClientUpgrade.mceclip9.png
  6. On the existing ESET, go to Update > Click on Update now.mceclip10.png


If the ESET still fails to update, please retrieve, zip the latest logs from the following local directory and forward them to Dualog Support:

  • C:\Dualog\Client\AntivirusClient\DualogAgent\_Running\LogDir
  • C:\Dualog\Client\AntivirusClient\binx64\LogDir
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