ESET NOD32 Manual update


This guide describes all the necessary steps to manually upgrade the ESET NOD32 Antivirus signature provided by Dualog on both the main Dualog PC and the Client PCs connected to the Dualog PC that cannot automatically be updated.


Locate the redirect.gif Dualog PC on board. Once you have located the right computer, please click on the round ESET icon at the bottom left corner of the Windows taskbar and select the Open ESET Endpoint Antivirus option.


Once the main ESET Endpoint Antivirus window is open, Click on Setup and then click on Enter advanced setup…


On the window that will appear, expand the Update section on the top left list of options by clicking on the little + symbol and then select General. Then click on the Clear button under the Clear update cache: option on the right section of the window, then click on OK.


To download the signature file that will update the Antivirus, start again the ESET Endpoint Antivirus as shown on STEP 1 of this guide. Once the main ESET Endpoint Antivirus main window is open, click on Update and then on the Update virus signature database link on the right section of the window.

This will trigger the process to update the Antivirus signature database to the current version.


To manually update the outdated computers on board besides the Dualog PC, start by performing a REBOOT of the computer you are planning to update. After the client is rebooted, perform the same steps described for the Dualog PC.


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