How to install the Antivirus Server


This document describes the installation procedure for Dualog Antivirus with ESET Nod32 on the onboard Connection Suite Server. Installation procedure for Dualog Antivirus with ESET Nod32 for Client PCs is described here.

Simply put, the Dualog Antivirus solution is composed of two meta installers for Nod32 Antivirus product, one for use with Dualog Connection Suite Server and one for Client PC's onboard. Both installers are made for both 32-bit and 64-bit systems.

Server installer is intended for use only with the computer having Dualog Connection Suite installed. Client installer is to be used for installation of Antivirus on other computers onboard. The installers will refuse to run if incorrect environment is detected.

The Antivirus installation on Dualog Connection Suite Server receives Antivirus updates from Dualog Gateway. Dualog Antivirus Server service (installed with Eset antivirus when using our installer) will distribute appropriate updates to clients (running Dualog Antivirus Client service) on the local network.

A working Dualog Connection Suite standard installation.
Antivirus support is activated for the vessel ahead of installation, and that any changes to standard update folder configuration for AV updates are done and synchronized to vessel (see page 5 for details). This is not absolutely necessary, but it will make installation onboard more straight forward.
Latest AV meta installer package for Connection Suite Server. By using the newest possible package the vessel will get a current pattern files, and will not need to download updates from shore to get an up-to-date protection. Again, this is not absolutely necessary, but will save both time and cost.



Double click on the installer icon to initiate installation. You will be presented with a reminder to remove all other Antivirus products.


Click OK if you are certain that no other AV products are installed on the computer. If you are unsure, check from Control Panel / Add and Remove programs if any Antivirus products are visible on the list of installed software before proceeding.

After clicking OK a Welcome Screen comes up, click Next to proceed.


Installer will now extract files. After the files are extracted, Installer will check if Dualog Connection Suite Database already includes a valid configuration for Antivirus updates. Depending on the result, you will either be asked to select a update folder (configuration not found), or confirm the update folder found. If the Antivirus has been configured ahead of installation and all changes are already synchronized to the vessel, there is no need for post installation checks or alterations.


Alternatively this will come up:


If no update folder configuration is found, you will need to select a folder. Please select C:\nod32\update as main update destination folder and press Next.


Non-silent mode should only be selected if silent installation fails. When non-silent mode is not selected, the installer will perform a silent installation of ESET Nod32.

Towards the end you will see the ESET flash screen as it is starting up for the first time.



A situation may arise where the NOD32 installer can't cope in silent mode. In this chapter we present the recommended actions for non-silent installation.


Once the welcome dialog box appears, click Next to proceed.


In our example case, a removed installation of F-secure has left something in Registry causing erratic detection of existing software. We select to ignore warning and proceed by clicking Next on the following windows until you get to the Automatic update dialogue box.


Check "Set update parameter later" and click Next to proceed. Username and Password fields should be empty.

On the following dialogue box, make sure that Live Grid is unselected and click Next to the subsequent windows until you are ready to install.


Click Install to start installation and, once it is completed, click on Finish to return to the Dualog meta-installer.

At this point, the Dualog ESET Antivirus will be installed and functioning. To install the antivirus on other PCs connected to the networks controlled by the Dualog server (the so-called Clients), follow this guide.





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