Admin App Introduction


The Dualog Admin app is the enterprise mobility app that allows Dualog® Connection Suite™ administrative functions to be performed in a convenient, modern and safe manner. 512x512bb.jpg


Functions currently available in the administration Dualog portal will be alternatively available from the Dualog Admin app, and new functions might only be available in the app. This is to follow the trend that more and more users (and administrators) are using mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) instead of personal computers. 

Because the Admin app is focused on administrative tasks, it requires administrator authentication to function. The users will be the same as the ones that currently have access to administer their vessels in The initial functionality is the Email Quarantine Administration. 


The Admin App can be downloaded from the following locations:

Google Play:

App Store: 

Scan the QR code to download from the App Store or Google Play:




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