Hardware ID Reset


Every time Dualog Connection Suite is uninstalled from a server and reinstalled on a new server, be it onboard a ship or at an office, the new server needs to be manually acknowledged onshore to avoid the risk of running more than one installation of our services on the same vessel/office account.

When a Dualog Connection Suite installation needs a Hardware ID to reset, it will display a "Connection blocked by the Dualog Cloud" error message when trying to connect on the new server.


Note: This procedure is not necessary when installing Dualog Connection Suite for the first time.

  1. Login to Dualog Portal with an admin account with enough privileges to reset the hardware ID of a ship.
  2. Go to Connection Suite > CS Ship Setup (Alternative Direct Link)
  3. Select the vessel requires a reset of the Hardware ID.
  4. Under the General tab > Ship Info > Click on "Reset Hardware ID"
  5. The user will be prompted with a confirmation message > Click on "Reset Hardware ID" to proceed.
  6. The Hardware ID for the intended Vessel or the office installation is now reset.


The user may try connecting from the new installation and verify that the previous "Connection blocked by the Dualog Cloud " error message is now gone.

New Hardware ID will be registered upon a successful connection from the new installation.




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