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This page lists every addition/modification to Dualog Drive since its first release.


  • 6.3 - 04 February 2020 (bug fix)

  • The destination folder scanning does not work for UNC paths. This bug was introducedin Drive 6.0.

  • 6.2 - 14 January 2020 (patch release)

  • Fixed a bug where temporary zero-byte files were not deleted from the disk when not needed anymore
  • Resolved an error situation when bandwidth control is enabled but not configured


  • 6.1 - 08 January 2020 (patch release)

  • Sync: Fixed a potential crash situation
  • Sync: Improved handling of token renewal upon expiry
  • Move: Last modified time of files are no longer taken into consideration unless the task is configured to have a delay. This allows for files with a last modified in the future to still be sent.
  • Move: Improved handling of token renewal upon expiry


  • 6.0 - 06 January 2020

  • Scan sync files on destination
    • If files or folders are added, modified or deleted, Drive will alter the changes making sure destinations are an exact mirror of the source. Previously, destination folders would be scanned for changes on an hourly basis
  • Proactive data import
    • In cases where large amount of data is to be synchronised to the ships, data might be delivered on an USB stick or similar to destinations. For this purpose, a feature called Proactive Data Import is created.
      By copying files into this folder
      <install folder>DualogDrive\DualogDrive.Sync.Client\DataImport
      they will be imported to the storage for the deduplication transfer protocol. After adding data to the storage, files will be deleted from the DataImport folder.
      When this data is to be downloaded, the protocol will recognise this data as already available, and create the files without having to download them.
      Any data can be stored to this folder and help the system to reduce bandwidth usage.
      Be aware that subfolders will not be imported, so make sure all files are copied to the DataImport root folder.


  • 5.0 - 05 January 2019

  • Platform: Carrier detection
    • Allows you to configure carrier detection for ships to identify which internet carrier is currently in use for the platform
  • Drive: Bandwidth control
    • Set rules in Drive tasks to tell which carriers they are allowed to send data over
  • Platform: now reports carrier changes to the cloud
  • Sync: added support for Windows 7
  • Sync: improved logging
  • Sync: fixed an issue causing sync to sometimes time out while downloading
  • Move: added re-trying of storing a file in the destination folder. Previously this would only happen on a restart of the service
  • Platform: Improved handling of knowing whether an installation is offline in cases where the LiveLink on the installation crashes
  • Changed logging folder to DualogDigitalPlatform\DigitalPlatform.Client\logs
  • Move: Overwrite will merge with existing file in destination folder instead of replacing it
  • Move: improved handling of situations where config is changed while a file is being uploaded.
  • Improved service startup on Windows reboot due to race conditions


  • 3.1 - 20 November 2019 (patch release)

  • Improved deduplication protocol handling of files from cloud to installation, lowering the amount of failed transfers
  • Improved software requirement checks during installations
  • Sync: Improved exception handling


  • 3.0 - 18 October 2019

  • Added global deduplication protocol using algorithms to minimize the amount of data transferred between installation and cloud
  • Added LiveLink handling of ship installations
  • Added over the air (OTA) updating
  • Re-implemented Sync
  • Improved registration of installations by adding more error checks


  • 2.4 - 23 September 2019 (patch release)

  • Added resume option for when files fail to download to an installation


  • 2.3 - 22 August (patch release)

  • Improved handling of files larger than 1GB
  • Improved handling of Windows shares needing user authentication
  • Fixed a bug causing very large files to fail to send
  • Improved error reporting and logging
  • Changed all logging to be in UTC
  • Drive components now report version numbers
  • Improved error messages  in installation registration page


  • 2.2 - 30 June 2019

  • Major redesign of the backend to utilize the platform services
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