ESET certificate fix



About This File

This is the certificate fix for issues with ESET distributed through Connection Suite that emerged on February 8, 2020.

The fix must be run with elevated administrator rights on all affected PCs.

If ESET is already malfunctioning, running the fix will replace ekrn with a fixed version. No system restart should be required.
If you have an affected version of ESET and it's still working alright, applying the fix will replace ekrn which will prevent the issue from occurring.



ESET 6.5 - Distributed through Connection Suite 2.38 or newer

Compressed archive of the file. Uncompress the file and run the executable file
CertFix.rar - 6MB

Executable file. Recommended to compress it to lower file size before sending it to the ship(s)
CertFix.exe - 63MB



ESET 5.0 - Distributed through Connection Suite 2.36 or older

CertFix_mu.exe - 3MB

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