ESET Certificate Patch For Connection Suite 2.36 and below (ESET Version 5.0)


  • User Interface changed from ESET Endpoint Antivirus to ESET Smart Security 5
  • Unable to perform weekly updates
  • Unable to perform any forms of manual scans
  • Virus Signature Database version is not shown



CertFix_mu.exe (3MB)

PROCEDURE (Applicable on the Dualog Server & Clients)

  1. Download and place the CertFix_mu.exe on the affected machines
  2. Right-click on it > Select "Run as administrator"
  3. A black window will flash for a second


Please note that if the patch has been run on 5.0 clients, security is restored with weekly updates. However, the UI will be malfunctioning and that version will no longer be supported by ESET.

The only long-term solution will be to upgrade to ESET 6.5.2132.5 (Compatible with Connection Suite 2.38 and above).

You may wish to refer to the following articles for more information:

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