Protect - Changelog


This page lists every addition/modification to Dualog Protect since its first release.

3.2 (26 August 2020)


  • Encryption key fetched from Dualog cloud
    The encryption key is now obtained from the Digital Platform shore system

  • Improved logging 
    Protect is now writing all activities from the DNS server (Unbound) into the Protect log. It also logs when port 53 is occupied.


  • Protect client stuck in starting
    If unbound is not able to start, the Protect client is stuck in Starting, which again causes it to be hard to stop, for instance during an upgrade


3.1 (14 April 2020)


  • Support Win32 Operating systems
    Added support for 32-bit operating systems. Version 3 installed OK on 32-bit OS, but did not start.

  • Retrieve logs from client
    Log retrieval was added to version 7 of the Digital Platform (released 19. Mar 2020). The Protect client now supports this feature, which is only available for Dualog Superusers.


  • Modified Blacklist functionality
    The blacklist feature is modified to also blacklist sub domains, example: Blacklisting will also blacklist and

    By using whitelisting, specific sub domains can be made available.

  • Blacklist and whitelist architecture redesigned
    To achieve the modified Blacklist functionality, separate black- and whitelist servers are installed and configured in the cloud. This also means that requests for white- and blacklisted domains are logged and can be displayed in dashboards.





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