Protect Changelog


This page lists every addition/modification to Dualog Protect since its first release.

7.3 - 14 April 2020


  • Support Win32 Operating systems
    Added support for 32-bit operating systems. Version 3 installed OK on 32-bit OS, but did not start.

  • Retrieve logs from client
    Log retrieval was added to version 7 of the Digital Platform (released 19. Mar 2020). The Protect client now supports this feature, which is only available for Dualog Superusers.


  • Modified Blacklist functionality
    The blacklist feature is modified to also blacklist sub domains, example: Blacklisting will also blacklist and

    By using whitelisting, specific sub domains can be made available.

  • Blacklist and whitelist architecture redesigned
    To achieve the modified Blacklist functionality, separate black- and whitelist servers are installed and configured in the cloud. This also means that requests for white- and blacklisted domains are logged and can be displayed in dashboards.





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