Dualog Access - Introduction

Smart Access Control for Seafarers

Dualog® Access is an enterprise-grade identity & access management solution (IAM) designed specifically for the modern, digitally-enabled shipping company. With Dualog® Access you will be able to provide crew with the right level of access at the right time, yet ensure minimal administrative overhead managing accounts. You will also be able to provide your crew with simple, secure Single Sign-On (SSO) for user-friendly, stress-free access to onboard and cloud applications.

In a modern day shipping company the fleet crew is distributed all over the worlds oceans, doing their jobs in distributed IT environments far away from the companies headquarters. This type of work environment poses a whole host of IT security challenges. The Dualog® Access service aims to alleviate these challenges by simplifying the process of granting access to the resources your seafarers need without compromising security. Applications can either be on-premises or cloud-based, they are all conveniently integrated for easy access.

Implement a single sign-on solution based on an identity people are already using, namely their crew email. User provisioning can also be automated to reduce human involvement and streamline access control based on role, department, location, title and other attributes and combine that data from your crew management system to correspond with onboarding and offboarding processes. Changes in the crew management system are synchronised to downstream applications within seconds, giving the end-user an effective user kill switch that can help minimise exposure for offboarded crew members.

Adhere to Cybersecurity Requirements

Dualog® Access provide granular access-policy options, giving you the ability to provide just the right level of access for each crew member. Improve and strengthen security in the face of new cybersecurity regulations and demands from class societies. By leveraging the power of Dualog cybersecurity solutions, the administrator has access to all authentication activity in real-time.

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