ESET End of Life notification

Important information regarding the ESET End of Life notification

In the next weeks, AV clients' status onboard ships will turn yellow or red, as seen in the screenshot below.

This is the consequence of a change in the AV distribution mechanism introduced by ESET.

However, this notification does not apply to Dualog customers.



Please note the following clarifications:

  • The reason behind the EOL notification is that Microsoft is distributing updates on their Operating Systems. They will be changing a protocol used by ESET to push pattern updates. Older versions of ESET will not be able to receive pattern updates after upgrading the OS.

  • This change will not affect the way AV updates are distributed through Dualog. The Dualog system pushes out the weekly updates through a proprietary protocol, and thus our customers will NOT be affected by this EOL situation. Weekly updates will still be supported.

  • Unfortunately, we cannot cancel the notifications, but you can safely disregard them as long as the client's "Protection status" is up to date.

  • You can check the status of all the AV clients on your fleet on (Reports > Antivirus)

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