Dualog Endpoint Security - Installation and activation


  1. Download DualogClientInstaller.exe”
  2. Download the Dualog Endpoint installers here, according to the OS: 

  3.  Configure firewall rules
    Ensure that you have configured your firewall to allow
    Protocol: TCP
    Port: 2222, 2223
    Direction: to and from
    Destination: apps.dualog.com and

    If you use the Dualog Network Control service, the rule can be added directly on the Dualog Portal. Refer to the article Network Control: Firewall Rules if you should need extra assistance.


  1. Place the two installers on a local directory of the machine that requires to be installed with Dualog Endpoint Security.
  2. Install and register Dualog Client > select Dualog Endpoint Security as the service to be installed.
  3. Install Dualog Endpoint.test2.gif
  4. Upon a successful installation, ESET Endpoint Security will be launched automatically


  1. Press F5 to access advanced setup > select "Default" on the bottom-left corner > Revert to default
  2. Click OK to save the change.test3.gif
  3. If all whitelisting is in place, the product license activation and update will commence automatically upon being detected by the shore servers.mceclip3.pngmceclip2.png


If connectivity between the ESET Management Agent on the client machine and our ESET shore server is blocked, the activation could fail.
Our server won't be able to control or activate the machine if the communication is blocked since it won't be able to locate it in ESET.
The standard port for this connection is 2222.


All machines installed with Dualog ESET Endpoint Security would be displayed on the Apps portal, where both monitoring and configurations can be performed.




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