Upgrading to Oracle to 21c XE


Be aware that the upgrade process described is only valid for ConnectionSuite installations with a dedicated Oracle server installed as part of ConnectionSuite installation. If an external Oracle installation (shared with other applications) is used, do not proceed with the upgrade.

Before starting the procedure, make sure the following installation files are available:

Below are the System requirements for running Oracle 21c XE:



You must log on to the ConnectionSuite computer as local administrator. This logon must be used  throughout the entire upgrade process.

The procedure of upgrading ConnectionSuite to use Oracle 21 is divided into the following steps. Make sure these steps are carried out in the correct order:

  1. Extract an IMAP backup and store the backup in a safe place
  2. Uninstall existing ConnectionSuite version
  3. Uninstall Oracle
  4. Reboot
  5. Install Oracle 21c XE
  6. Reboot
  7. Install ConnectionSuite 3.12
  8. Restore the IMAP backup from 1)

The steps are explained in detail below.

  • Extract IMAP backup

Log on to the ship UI with a user with proper access rights and Run a manual IMAP Backup.


When the backup is complete, go to the location of the created backup and confirm that it is located in a safe folder, or copy it to a second folder to ensure it won't be erased during the upgrade process.


  • Uninstall ConnectionSuite

Go to Apps & Features in System settings in Windows

Click Uninstall and wait for Dualog ConnectionSuite to be uninstalled.


  • Uninstall Oracle

Go to Apps & Features in System settings in Windows:


Click Uninstall and wait for Oracle to be uninstalled.

When done, reboot Windows.

  • Install Dualog Oracle 21c XE

Unzip the Oracle 21c XE installer - OracleXE213_Win64.zip. Run the setup.exe file in the unzipped folder.




Acceptance of terms and conditions is required


A destination folder for the Oracle destination must be given. We recommend installing it in the Dualog folder.


The SYS/SYSTEM folder password for Oracle must be given. Make sure you remember it. Later in the process, during the Connaction Suite installation, the password will be requested.


Accept the summary and installation of Oracle will start. Be aware that this will take some minutes. When finished you will see the window below.


Oracle 21c XE is successfully installed.

  • Install ConnectionSuite 3.12

Before you start, make sure you have extracted a fresh startpack from apps.dualog.com. It will be requested in the installation process.

Run the ConnectionSuite 3.12 installer.


After the startup window, you will be asked to agree to the terms and conditions.


Select the destination folder for the installation. In our case, we make sure the Oracle installation and ConnectionSuite installation are both located in the Dualog directory.


Select a proper destination for the mail store. Be aware that email messages will be stored in this directory and it is important that the disk has enough space to contain all the ship's mail boxes.

If you utilize the Network Control service, make sure you install it when prompted so.


The installation of ConnectionSuite is now complete. The installation program will now ask how the system should connect to the recently installed Oracle 21c XE database.

Oracle is installed on the local computer, so localhost can be used in the Database Host field.

If the Oracle installation is successful with no issues, the Database Name will be XEPDB1. If you had any problems during the Oracle installation and you had to install it a second time, there could be another database name such as XEPDB2, XEPDB3, and so on. Check the Oracle installation folder to investigate if XEPDB1 doesn’t work, and you might find out that several Oracle installations have been performed before the current one.

The Database Port suggested is 1521, which is the default Oracle port.

The SYS password is the password you gave Oracle during the installation procedure.


The setup will initiate the database.



It is now time for provide the startpack. All configuration data for the ship will be inserted during this process.



At the end of the installation, reboot the PC.


Restore IMAP backup

Log on to the ship UI with a user with proper access rights and run Restore Backup.




All email messages that have been backed up will be restored in ConnectionSuite. Depending on the total size of the the mail boxes, this can take some time.

The system is now up and running with Oracle 21c XE.


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