Dualog Endpoint - Centralized Deployment Procedure


This guide outlines the recommended procedure for deploying Dualog Endpoint on all PCs onboard.

The required installers will be placed in a central location (e.g., Dualog PC, file server, NAS drive, etc.), and a simple script to be executed on each client will install Dualog Link and Dualog Endpoint.



Setting up the "deployment point" on the central location

  1. Extract the "Eset" folder from the DualogEndpoint.zip to the "C:\" directory on the deployment point.

  2. Enable folder sharing for the "Eset" folder:

    • Right-click on the "Eset" folder and select "Properties."

    • Navigate to the "Sharing" tab.

    • Click on "Share" to enable folder sharing.

    • Assign read access to either Everyone or a specific Windows account for the folder : ESET.

    • Click "Share" to confirm the changes.Animation.gif

Please take note of the Network Share Path directory for future reference.

Deployment on all the PCs onboard

Before proceeding, make sure you have the following information ready:

  • Network path to access the shared ESET folder.
  • Windows credentials (account and password) to access the shared ESET folder.
  • Activation code for the ship you are installing on

Follow these steps:

  1. Click on the "RUN" dialog and enter the network path, click OK to access the shared ESET folder that you created on the Dualog Server.

  2. Run the "Endpoint.bat" file with administrator privileges.

  3. Enter the Network Share path in the command prompt.

  4. Enter the Windows account and password to access the shared ESET folder in the command prompt.

  5. Enter the activation code in the command prompt.

  6. Press "Enter" , then press "any key" to continue.

The Dualog Link Registration and Dualog Endpoint installation process will take approximately 5–10 minutes to complete

  • Once the installation is completed, double-click on the Dualog Digital Platform icon on the desktop to ensure that the link installation is activated.
  • Launch Endpoint Security to verify the activation status of the Endpoint Client.

Please note that it may take up to 30 minutes for the ESET license and ESET base update to be completed on the Endpoint Client.


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