Network Control: General Configuration


Network Control is a Connection Suite module that handles onboard network separation, local and external traffic routing, whitelisting/blacklisting services, bandwidth optimisation, automatic failover and least cost routing between any IP type carrier. This module provides shore-based, centralised administration via our customer portal and is handled by a custom Windows service running in the background called DuaCorePro.

You can access Network Control from our portal, then clicking on 'Remote Config', then on Network Control.


  • Enabling Network Control

You can turn Network Control on and off by ticking and un-ticking the Network Control enabled checkbox. If left un-ticked, the DuaCorePro service will still be running, but will not affect the network on board.

  • Network Control computer name

Computer name is required when running Network Control together with Web4Sea. Enter the IP address of the computer running Network Control as known from the computer hosting Web4Sea. Most commonly, Network Control and Web4Sea are installed on the same computer and can be used.

  • Redirect address

The main task for Network Control is to block or allow IP traffic according to the enforced rules. In many cases, when traffic is blocked, the IP packets are simply dropped. However for Web traffic (http on port 80), Network Control might try to redirect the communication to a local Login Web Page. The Redirect to IP/port address when not logged on should point to this page.

  • MAC filtering

The most basic control mechanism in Network Control is the MAC filtering. When enabled, Network Control will only accept IP packets originating from computers with MAC addresses that appear in the Legal MAC addresses list in the right half of the configuration window.

  • DNS relay

If the DNS relay checkbox is ticked, Network Control might relay DNS traffic to a different DNS. The DNS to relay to is configured in the Net Setup configuration. Even if DNS relay is turned on, Network Control will only relay DNS traffic that is directed to the Network Control computer itself. If the DNS relay checkbox is not ticked, Network Control will follow the DNS setting of all onboard computers and will not alter DNS resolving in any way.

  • DNS cache

If the DNS cache checkbox is ticked, Network Control will monitor all DNS traffic. For each DNS request, Network Control will consult an internal DNS cache before forwarding DNS requests towards the Internet. If the DNS resolving request is found in the internal cache, Network Control will return to the requester the DNS reply from the cache and avoid an expensive roundtrip to the real DNS. If the DNS cache checkbox is not ticked, no caching will be performed and all requests will be forwarded to their original destination. Please note that:

  • DNS relay and DNS cache are independent of each other.
  • All DNS traffic is subject to subsequent rule processing similar to all other traffic.


  • Force logout when browser window closes

Check the box Force logout when Browser Window closes if you want to make sure that your session with Connection Suite logs automatically out when the browser window is closed. If not, the session might be active, and internet activity from later users will be logged as your activity.

  • Enable quota

Ticking this box will enable Quota management in your system. You can enable Quota on company level or you can decide to override company settings on a specific vessel.

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