Dualog Access - Developers' Guide


Dualog Access is a single sign-on/identity management service created for use on locations not always online. The service is designed for maritime use but is suitable for any remote location where internet access is unstable or absent.

To use Dualog Access for logon/authentication to applications, each application must implement integration with Dualog Access. Dualog Access uses the OAuth 2.0 standard for authentication. Before integrating applications to use Dualog Access, it is advised to learn more about OAuth 2.0.

This article describes how to use Dualog Access from a developer’s perspective. Installing and configuring Dualog Access and Dualog Connection Suite is not covered in this document.


  1. Technical Requirements

    • Supported Operating Systems
  2. Expressions

  3. Supported Grant Types and Use

    • Authorization Code Flow
    • PKCE
    • Implicit Flow with Form Post
    • Hybrid Flow
    • Client Credentials Flow
    • Device Authorization Flow
    • Resource Owner Password Flow
  4. Getting Started

    • Resource Owner Password
    • Basic Steps
  5. API Documentation (Endpoint)

    • Discovery
    • Authorize
    • Token
    • User Info
    • Device Authorisation
    • Introspection (Coming Soon)
    • Revocation
    • End Session
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