[CYBERSECURITY ADVISORY] Dualog's response to the Russia-Ukraine Crisis

In response to the escalating military conflict between Russia and Ukraine, Dualog is on heightened alert and is monitoring the situation regarding expected cyber-attacks towards the maritime industry. We acknowledge the severity of the situation and are taking the necessary precautions to mitigate any incoming threats and to enhance cyber preparedness during this time.

We highly recommend all customers elevate their cyber posture and raise awareness among shore and sea personnel.

We know that based on the ongoing cyber-attacks on Ukraine, the use of the so-called supply chain has been a common attack vector. Hence, as a supplier, we have removed all software products related to Russia so that they cannot be used as an entry point.

As a result, one of our virus scanners deployed in our MailDefence product has been decommissioned. We are in the process of replacing this scanner and have ensured that we are providing optimal protection for our customers.

It is worth mentioning that the malware used in supply-chain attacks is designed to inflict serious damage to its target. They have been known to delete files without any way of paying a ransom to get them back. This is not a typical ransomware threat. An off-line backup is the best insurance for this attack.

So far, we have not experienced an attack on any of our customers. However, as the situation escalates, we do anticipate seeing some form of attacks targeting the maritime industry specifically. We will continue monitoring all activity to stop any potential threats as early as possible.

Dualog is prepared to swiftly respond and assist any organizations that fall victim to cyberattacks associated with these geopolitical events.

In case of any significant changes to the situation, we will keep you informed.



Geir Inge Jensen
Chief Information Security Officer


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