Dualog Fetch - Introduction


Dualog Fetch is a service for collecting syslog data from devices onboard ships. Data gathered will be transferred to the Dualog Fetch cloud and made available in message queues for authorized shore receivers.


The figure shows an overview of the components composing Dualog Fetch:

  • The Fetch Client is installed on ships to receive syslog data from devices broadcasting this data on port 514. Based on configuration the client either adds received messages to the outbound queue – or discards them. The Dualog Fetch client also counts data received (number of lines and bytes) and transfers these numbers to the cloud. Data volume reports are available in the portal.
  • The Link Platform Client handles the outbound message queue - using the Link Transfer messaging protocol to transfer data to the Cloud. The Link Platform also handles configuration, software updates, Carrier Detection and connection status.
  • The Cloud Services make sure data is forwarded to the configured outbound queues. It also adds data volume numbers to the Aggregated data database, for viewing in Dualog Portal.
  • In Dualog Portal, configuration can be added, deleted and modified. Data volume reports is also available in the portal.


Several SysLog formats exist, all having some nuances in content format. The following syslog message formats are currently supported:

  • RFC 3164. The message will be converted to RFC 5424 format when this format is recognized.
  • RFC 5424

The Fetch client parses all received messages to identify devices and filter on severity and facility.

If the message is not recognized with a supported SysLog format, an RFC 5424 message is created, with the content added to the message section. It will be up to the receiver to extract the details.


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