Dualog Fetch - Getting Started


Dualog Fetch is available in the standard Dualog Link Platform installer, available from Dualog Portal. A user account with access to the company is required for login.

  • For new installations of the Link Platform, the client must be registered on Dualog Cloud. To complete registration, internet access is required.
  • For existing installations of the Link Platform, the latest Dualog Link Platform installer has to be downloaded and executed, followed by selecting Dualog Fetch during the installation wizard.

Please refer to the system requirements to ensure that the machine fulfills all of them.

Both installations and registrations can be performed in either of the following ways:

  1. Dualog Link Client - Installation & Activation
  2. Dualog® Link Client - Silent Installation & Activation


Configuration is performed on Dualog Portal. Two separate and independent configurations are required to receive syslog data:

  1. Client configuration. (Basic filtering options to define data to accept.)
  2. Data receiver configuration. (Configuration of outbound queues)

In its basic form, the client configuration is simple. You can either allow all or block all syslog data received.

From there on exceptions can be added, and here it can easily be complicated.


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