Third-Party Email Client - Outlook Filtering For Spam


This article provides detailed instructions on how to create a filter for moving spam to the junk folder.

The Dualog Cloud provides an advanced email security filtering layer that aims to increase the efficiency in detecting spam, virus, and potentially dangerous content processed by Dualog mail infrastructure. Dualog delivers a higher level of security to your vessels, blocking or properly tagging potential threats before getting on board.

Here is an overview of actions:

As a result, most of the messages will be rejected before reaching the ships. However, some messages might still be delivered to the ship to prevent any business-critical messages from accidentally being blocked. This article will guide you through the creation of custom rules to add to your Outlook client to automatically move these messages to a separate folder.

These steps apply to Outlook 2016. The process may be different if you're using another version of Outlook.


Step 1

Open Outlook and go to 'Home' -> 'Rules':

Step 2

Click 'Rules' and select 'Manage Rules & Alerts':

Step 3

Click 'New Rule', select 'Move messages with specific words in the subject to a folder' and click 'Next'

Step 4

In the next window, click the highlighted 'specific words' in the bottom window. This will open up a search field letting you specify trigger words.

In this list, add the following items:


As such:

Once done, click 'OK'

Step 5

Click the highlighted 'specified folder' in the same line as step 4, and select the 'Junk E-Mail' folder and click 'OK':

Step 6

Verify that the rules look as follows. Once verified, click 'Finish' and close the 'Rules and Alerts' window.

NOTE!!! Please do keep the Junk Email folder monitored as some valid messages might end up there.



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