Dualog Protect - System Requirement


Dualog Protect has its own set of system requirements that must be met in order for an installation or deployment to be successful.

Client registration and client-server communication require an internet connection. A functioning DNS server configuration is also required to ensure a smooth operation. If DNS traffic is blocked, a custom DNS entry, to resolve "apps.dualog.com" as described below, is required to complete the installation and registration. The following destinations must be reachable in order to register the client to the Dualog Cloud:

Destination: apps.dualog.com
IP address:
Port(s): 443
Protocol: TCP/UDP

Dualog Protect uses different IP addresses according to your chosen tier. Make sure the following is whitelisted:

  • Secure: |
  • Basic: |
  • Moderate: |
  • Strict: |
  • Blacklist: |
    (to make it easy you may want to whitelist and

Port(s): 15353
Protocol: TCP/UDP



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