Dualog® Protect - How to create a new policy


This article provides detailed instructions on setting up a new policy within Dualog® Protect.

Dualog® Protect policies are a set of rules that you want to apply to your ships. The policies will assign the Protect tier you want to apply. Optionally, you can add your custom whitelist and blacklist. You can create as many policies as you like.


To create your Protect policy, go to Configuration and click on "Create Policy". You will then have to:

  • choose your protection level
  • add your whitelist and blacklist (optional)
  • assign a name to your policy

  • Once you click on "Save and quit", you will be asked whether you want to assign your new policy to any of your active ships.
  • It is possible to assign any policy to one or more ships at the same time.
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