Dualog Crew Mail – Automatic Import (CSV)


Dualog Connection Suite can import e-mail account data (e.g. for crew) from external sources. By
default, an e-mail message containing a transaction file as an attachment is sent by a specific
originator (customer) to a specific recipient (Dualog) for automatic processing.

The “import task”
(Dualog Connection Suite) expects the file attachment to contain instructions regarding e-mail
accounts. If errors occur during processing of the file attachment then a message will be sent to a
defined recipient (customer or Dualog).

The default format of the file attachment is as follows:
CSV File Format

The attachment must be a CSV (comma separated values) file with the following format:

unique_e_mail_address, display_name, password, action

At Dualog, other data values are fixed according to customer defaults:

  • User interface language (English or Norwegian)
  • Mail format (Dualog proprietary or full MIME)
  • User groups that the new users will be members of (e.g. “*Crew – Personal”)

Options for the action field are:

Code Action Description
A Add Create (add) new user account
D Delete Delete the user account (e.g. user has left the company)
N No Action Nothing to do (this row can, effectively, be omitted from the file)
U Update Update the display name and / or password
O Offsign Unregister the user from all ships


A row / line representing a new crew member could be (e.g.):

john.smith.3112@crew.acme.com,*Crew - John Smith,password,A


  • The e-mail address must be unique and cannot, subsequently, be changed
  • For crew e-mail accounts customers commonly combine a user’s name and the “ddmm” portion of
    their date of birth to avoid problems caused by multiple users with the same name
  • It is not advisable to use only a numeric ID or to place a numeric ID at the beginning of the e-mail
    address as this can trigger some anti-junk-mail systems to regard the user’s messages as
  • The separator in the file must be comma (ASCII decimal 44) or semi-colon (ASCII decimal 59)

Attached is an example that can be downloaded:

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