Dualog Connection Suite - How to download Startpack (.dsp)


Start Pack consists of the latest configurations and settings of a vessel and it is mandatory for a Dualog installation or full reset of the existing Oracle database.

This article will describe how to download the Start Pack for a vessel.

Take note that before proceeding with this article, the vessel must first be created via the Dualog Apps portal.


1. Under Dualog Portal, go to Connection Suite -> CS Ship Setup > Select the vessel that requires a start pack.




2. Select the appropriate Start Pack version in the drop-down list based on the Dualog Connection Suite installer that will be used.

3. Click "Download start pack" > The start pack will be downloaded to your local designated directory.



NOTE: If you are unable to download the start pack due to an error message or etc, please contact Dualog Support.


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