Dualog Portal - Connection Suite and Link Connection Log


The Dualog Cloud Connection log displays the connection logs of vessel installed with either Dualog Link services or/and Dualog connection suite.

The connection logs are dependable on Dualog Link reporting or Dualog Connection Suite reporting (Manual Connect or Least Cost Routing (if enabled))


  1. Log in to the Dualog Apps Portal and navigate to the top right corner and click on the round icon.
  2. This will display a list of all vessels and installations under the company.
  3. Vessels will be grouped as Offline or Online.


The default determination of online or offline status is managed by the Dualog Link service. When this service is installed, logs generated by it are utilized for this purpose. However, if the Dualog Link service is not installed, logs generated by manual or least-cost routing connections will be used instead.

It's important to note that the status reported by the Dualog Link service takes precedence over the Dualog Connection Suite if both are installed on a vessel.

For instance, if the Link installation is offline on a vessel while the Dualog Connection Suite is online, the status overview will still indicate that the vessel is offline.


These logs are generated by the Dualog Link service. The example below demonstrates a vessel that is not equipped with the Dualog Link service, resulting in no logs being generated.

Alternatively, the vessel will be reflected as offline for X hours if the link connection is down.


These logs shows connection status of manual/least cost routing (automated scheduled connects). It will show date/time, connection status, duration and method used. Useful for first line troubleshooting to see if there is problem with communication equipment (eg. connection dropping, long duration to send very little data, etc.) 






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