Dualog® Endpoint - Getting Started


The Dualog Endpoint service is the latest addition to our security service portfolio. Being at an early stage, we are currently finalizing the user interface on the Dualog Portal. More reports and settings will be gradually made available. However, it is important to highlight that the ESET Endpoint client is a full-fledged service that provides complete endpoint protection for your computers onboard.

As always with new services, we recommend installing the new service on a limited number of devices, to begin with.


  1. Install the Link client

    Note: if any of your computers are already running version 8.5 and below of Dualog Link Client, ensure that your run the installer to include the support for the Dualog Endpoint service. Another trick is to push the latest version of either Drive, Protect, or Access, and that will automatically include the latest version of the Link client.

  2. Install and activate the Dualog Endpoint Service

If Endpoint is to be installed on workstations running on Windows 7 Desktop or Windows Server 2008 R2, a patch will need to be applied.


For more information, view the most latest Product Webinar here, which focuses on how Dualog® Endpoint will address key problems when deploying security software via satellite across fleets.


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