Dualog Seafarer - What to Do if You Lose Access to Your Phone Number


This guide provides steps on how to regain access to your Dualog Seafarer account if you've lost access to the phone number you use for Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).

Remember, you can't reset the phone number yourself, but your shipping company can do this on your behalf.


STEP 1: Contact your shipping or crewing department

If you've lost access to your phone number and can't perform MFA during login, the first step is to immediately contact your shipping company. Inform them about the situation and request their assistance in resetting your phone number for MFA.

STEP 2: Provide the necessary details for verification

Your shipping company may require some additional information to confirm your identity and to assist with resetting your MFA phone number. Provide all necessary details as requested by your shipping company.

STEP 3: Await confirmation

Once your shipping company has all the required information, they will process the request to reset your MFA phone number. Wait for a confirmation from them that the reset has been successful.

STEP 4: Setup with the new phone number

After receiving confirmation, you'll be able to set up MFA with a new phone number. Log in to Dualog Seafarer at crew.dualog.com and follow the on-screen instructions to set up MFA with your new phone number.

STEP 5: Login and verify account

Try logging out and logging back into the Dualog Seafarer web portal to ensure the new MFA setup with your new phone number is working correctly.

If you encounter any issues, contact your shipping company for assistance.

Losing access to your phone number for MFA can be inconvenient, but by following these steps and with the assistance of your shipping company, you can regain access to your Dualog Seafarer account. Remember, always keep your shipping company informed of any changes that may affect your ability to log in to your account.



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