Dualog Quota - Crew Perspective


Within the Ship Connection Suite, users can access their personal Dualog account upon logging in. This enables them to conveniently review both their eligible data allowance and the total consumption in real-time.


  1. Log on Connection Suite using your personal Connection Suite username (Email address) and password.

You will now see an overview of your internet usage shown below.

  1. Go Online: Initiates internet connectivity.
  2. Current Internet Provider: Displays the detected carrier by the Dualog system.
  3. Next Period: Indicates the remaining days until the free quota is reset, with options for daily, weekly, or monthly configurations.
  4. Free Quota (MB): Displays the amount of complimentary data currently available for the account.
  5. Purchased Quota (MB): Reflects the additional data quota purchased by crew members or provided by the Captain, subject to company policy and access rights.
  6. Add Funds: Allows crew members to self-top up their accounts for additional purchases, subject to company policy and access rights.



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