Dualog Drive - Security Measures


Dualog strives to deliver the strictest security measures to ensure Dualog Drive is a safe and trustworthy tool catering to every data transfer need, no matter how big or frequent the task at hand.


  • Dualog Drive takes advantage of our cloud infrastructure for multiple purposes. The main goal for this design is the simplicity of deployment: you will not need to open firewalls at either end to access services hidden behind it.
    Opening the firewall at the shore office end is a security risk in itself. To avoid any security breach, the client will initiate the connection from behind your firewalls to our cloud, much the same way as TeamViewer, MS Teams and such products operate.

  • All data transfers over the network and satellite links are encrypted with TLS 1.2. This is the industry-standard encryption used by most services.

  • For Dualog Drive Move tasks, the data is temporarily stored with AES-256 encryption within our secure cloud. As soon as the data is confirmed to be received at all endpoints as per task configuration, it will be permanently deleted from our cloud.

  • For Dualog Drive Sync tasks, the data will be split into chunks/blobs and encrypted with AES-256 before being stored for an extended time. The storage time will depend on how frequently the blob is being used by the deduplication engine to optimize data transfers to and from vessels.
    Our solution will not transfer a blob that is already available at the other end, ensuring that only the changed part of a file is transmitted. This provides the best possible transfer rate.

  • Our datacenter cloud uses zero-trust microservices where it is impossible to access other microservices running other Dualog services. A breach of one service is very unlikely as there is no operating system to exploit. If a breach is successful there is no way to access the other services, making the whole system secure and resilient.

  • The statistics shown on our Apps portal displaying the data transfer status are purely based on meta-data about transportation. The displayed interface does not have access to the data itself.

  • Our data center is located at physically secure locations with limited access and security staff present at all times.

  • Our production datacenter services are only accessible by a few limited senior operations personnel. Persons within Dualog administration, R&D, and QA are not granted access.
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