How to perform an IMAP restore


The following document serves as a guide to perform an IMAP restore.

If you have a computer crash or changing to a new computer and have a valid IMAP backup, then you can use this procedure to restore your mail content.


  1. Ensure that you have a valid IMAP backup, by having at least the following files:

    • imapmailstore.dualogbackup.archive
    • imapmailstore.dualogbackup0


    If the backup contains several GB of mail you should have more than just the two files above. This is an example of a regular IMAP backup of decent size:

  2. Login to Dualog Connection Suite
  3. Click on the menu > Technical Setup > IMAP Backup > Restore Backup
  4. Specify the full directory where the above files are stored, specifically the .archive file (Example: C:\backup\imapmailstore.dualogbackup.archive)
  5. After you have specified the full backup directory, click on "Restore Backup" to start restoring the IMAP backup.
  6. The IMAP service will proceed with the unpacking and restoring in the background, where emails may start appearing in the inbox gradually.



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