Dualog Business Mail - Configuring IMAP Folder Sharing


IMAP folder sharing has been reintroduced in Dualog Connection Suite version 3.10.

A shared folder grants read and write access to all emails within it for all authorized stationary accounts or user groups on board a vessel.

This article will guide you through the process of configuring access to shared email folders.

It's essential to acknowledge that the "IMAP Folders" permission must be granted write access to the user group responsible for configurations on board (within CS Group Settings).


  1. Login to the ship Dualog Connection Suite onboard the vessel with the account you would like to share folders from.
  2. Click on the menu located on the top-left corner > Select "Mail Folder Sharing"mceclip1.png
  3. You will see all of your personal folders on the Mail Folder Sharing page, and you can expand the individual folders to manage who they are shared with and the extent of the shared access.
  4. Select the folder that requires share access > Click on Share Access
  5. Specify the CS Group or CS Account, along with the available options and access types
  6. Click on Create Access
  7. The newly created shared access to the folder is now reflected under the Mail Folder Sharing page.
  8. The individual shared access to your folders may be deleted at any time by pressing the "Trash" icon.
  9. User(s) that has/have been added to the shared folder(s) will find them in their webmail under the root folder '#Shared', with sub-folders showing who is the owner of the shared folder.



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