Dualog Webmail - Update existing email signature


An email signature is essential for conveying your identity to recipients and providing them with contact information. Each email has an email signature at the bottom.

This article provides the step by step instructions on how to update an email signature through Dualog Webmail.

To find out more about Dualog Webmail, click here.

The following steps and interfaces are only applicable to Connection Suite 3.12 and above.


  1. Navigate to [Dualog Server IP address/webmail] and log in with a Dualog account.
  2. Click on Settings located in the left panel > Identifies > Select an identity
  3. Under the Signature text field, input the designated or necessary details
  4. Click on Save
  5. The updated signature is now automatically reflected whenever an email has been composed.

Note: By clicking and enabling the HTML signature, the user would have access to more functions and accessibility apart from the basic text input.



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