Dualog Webmail - Resolving Greyed-Out Folder Subscriptions


In Dualog Webmail, users have the capability to create subfolders and establish a hierarchy for organizing their emails. This allows for efficient sorting and categorization of email correspondence.

This article provides guidance on re-subscribing to a folder that appears greyed out, indicating that the emails contained within are currently inaccessible to the user.

Furthermore, it may addresses any previously encountered issues pertaining to missing folders.


  1. Click on settings > Folders
  2. Locate any missing or grey-ed out folder(s)
  3. Re-enable the folder(s) by clicking on the toggle button (A message should appear at the bottom right corner indicating "Folder successfully subscribed")
  4. Click on Mail to return to the main Inbox
  5. Verify if the missing or grey-ed out folder(s) is/are now present and accessible

Please be advised: If a folder is absent from the Folders setting, it is conceivable that the folder has been deleted and is presently beyond immediate restoration.

The Dualog IMAP restore feature can be explored as a potential solution for recovering deleted folders by accessing older backup sets.


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