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Most of the Dualog services that can be activated on board a ship require the configuration of one or more internet carriers. Carriers priority can be defined according to a wide array of factors such as price, geolocation and, most importantly, allocated bandwidth. Defining a carrier is crucial to control bandwidth usage and data consumption.


Log in and navigate to the "Ship Carriers" section of the Dualog Digital Platform. Click on the "Set up carrier" button on the far right. The carrier setup configuration window will then pop up.



Click on the arrow on the right of the "Select equipment type" drop-down menu and select the carrier you wish to configure from the provided list.

On the "Carrier name" field, it is possible to assign a customized name to the equipment type of your choice.

Once done, click on the "Set up carrier" button.

It will now be possible to select the ships that are currently equipped with the newly configured carrier. Only the ships that have already been created will be visible on the list. This step can be skipped and completed at a later time.



Click on the "Connect to ships" button and let the Digital Platform perform the carrier-ship association.

You will now notice that the configured carrier is visible under the "Ship Carriers" section of the Dualog Digital Platform. Next to the carrier name, you will see an already defined gateway port. This is the port that carrier will use to connect to the Dualog shore servers and will be unique for that specific carrier.


The gateway port will be the only configuration needed to let the service associated with that specific carrier communicate to shore and will need to be whitelisted on the onboard firewall. When acting onboard, the specified port for the assigned VSAT IP will need to be allowed on the firewall (in our case, port 22221, see picture under) and all the other ports for that IP (in our case, will need to be blocked.

If you wish to define another port, click on the carrier you wish to modify and enter the Carrier Setup menu.



On this menu, it will be possible to change the Carrier name and the gateway port. Bear in mind that the ports used for other carriers will not be available on the drop-down list, as each carrier will be assigned with an unique shore port.

From this menu, it will also be possible to add or remove ships from the equipped carrier vessel list. Remember to click on the "Save changes" button at the bottom of the menu to save any executed alteration.


Any carrier can be activated or deactivated by accessing a specific ship on the Ships list of the Digital Platform and swiping right to activate and left to deactivate the configured equipment.


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