Dualog Drive - Proactive Data Import


Dualog Drive has introduced a new feature called Proactive Data Import 

In cases where a large amount of data is to be synchronized to the ships, data may be delivered on a USB stick or similar and imported locally to the destination client.


Dualog Drive needs to be on version 6.0 and above. To verify the existing version:

  1. Login to Dualog Portal with your account
  2. Expand on the Menu, located in the top left corner > Select Drive
  3. Click on the "Installations" tab
  4. Check on the value under Version number/installation datemceclip2.png
  5. If the version is below 6.0, click on "update" to update the Drive version remotely on the required machine(s)
  6. If the version is 6.0 and above, proceed with the next section of the article


  1. On the destination client, locate <install_folder>\DualogDrive\DualogDrive.Sync.Client\DataImport (By default, Drive is installed under C:\Dualog)
  2. Copy files into the folder (Do not include the folder(s))mceclip3.png

Files will be imported to the storage for the deduplication transfer protocol. After adding data to the storage, files will be deleted from the said folder.

When this data is to be downloaded, the protocol will recognize this data as already available, and create the files without having to download them.

Any data can be stored in this folder and help the system to reduce bandwidth usage.

Be aware that subfolders will not be imported, so make sure all files are copied to the DataImport root folder.

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