Dualog® Drive - Changelog


This page lists every changelog to Dualog® Drive since its first release.


8.15 - 16 September 2022


  • Config file (appsettings.json) is recovered correctly


8.14 - 06 September 2022


  • Move: Changed behavior of Move backup

    In previous versions, Drive is creating a subfolder for each transmission (one or multiple files). This makes it difficult for users to find specific files. In Drive 8.14 we have changed this to store all files in the configured backup folder. If a filename already exists in the backup folder, the timestamp is added to the filename.


8.12 - 06 July 2022


  • Move: New Client introduced


  • Minor bug fixes implemented


8.11 - 06 June 2022


  • Sync: Set max number of changes in one revision

    We've had timeout issues when a sync revision contains a large number of changes (seen on revisions with more than 10 000 deleted files).
    The client initially attempts to send metadata for changes.
    The connection times out due to so many changes, and the client retries sending the data.

    We have set a hard limit of 500 updates per revision to avoid this situation.
    If there are 15000 changes, they will be distributed in 30 revisions.


  • Sync: On startup, the client does not always scan the folder for changes

    Fixed issue where Sync client was not scanning folders for changes on start-up.
    Happens when a revision is stored in the local database, but not registered in the cloud.
    A typical case is a situation described in the improvement described above
    (Timeout due to many changes in revision)


8.9 - 25 May 2022


  • Adjustments to utilize the new sync protocol
    Several improvements have been made in the sync protocol (part of the Link Platform). To utilize these changes, changes have been made to the Sync client


  • Sync: Cleanup when a sync task is deleted
    When a task is deleted, some cleanup is required. A housekeeping routine is now implemented to clean up database tables holding information on ongoing transmissions for the deleted task(s). Without this cleanup, the sync task will try to complete the download forever and keep logging error messages. This only applies to situations where a task is deleted while it still has data to up/download.


8.4 - 21 March 2022


  • Sync: BlobTransfer protocol
    Fixed issues with the BlobTransfer protocol on the Link Platform.


8.3 - 14 March 2022


  • HTTP Header now includes a Correlation ID


  • Sync: Sync protocol
    Fixed an issue with the Sync protocol.


8.2 - 21 February 2022


  • Improved logging
    Added logging when failing to filter files, build number, and detailed logging on the version number


  • Migration Issue from Drive 7.x to 8
    The destination might end in an infinite loop if the next operation is "delete".
  • Move: High memory usage
    Fixed issue where the memory usage on the Move client is high.
  • Sync: High memory usage
    Reduced memory usage by upgrading SDK's and other minor patches
  • Sync: BlobTransfer protocol
    Fixed an issue with the BlobTransfer protocol.


8.1 - 02 December 2021

After upgrading, Drive will automatically migrate certain parts of the databases for better performance. Depending on the size of this database, this might take some time.


  • Sync: New Transfer Protocol
    The sync transfer protocol has been totally redesigned and is now added as a Link Platform service. Drive now uses this protocol for Sync transmissions. The new protocol uses multiple IP channels for transmissions, improving throughput. In addition, protocol overhead has been reduced.
  • Sync: Error messages appear in apps.dualog.com
    Added functionality to transfer errors from client to cloud. Errors will be displayed as Detected errors on the Drive status page


  • Sync & Move: hidden files and folders not being transferred.
    Hidden files will now not be sent. Normally such files are system files or temp files. We have experienced files like thumbs.db being transferred, causing problems at the destination.
  • Move: improved SQLite database performance
    Improved by removing the encryption layer.
  • Move: Error messages transferred to the Drive cloud
    Some critical error messages are now being transferred to the cloud. Apps.dualog.com will soon show these error messages on the Drive status page.
  • Move: Improved behavior when downloading package having permanent failure
    If a package is not possible to download, the Move client moves on to the next package instead of failing out and then retrying the failed package. This avoids a long queue of pending downloads when such errors occur.
  • Move: Improved performance
    Improve performance with multiple destination tasks by doing parallel unpack and download.
  • Move: Changed folder tree access rights requirements
    Previous versions of Move required full access to the whole folder tree structure, instead of only the task root folder. This has caused some head-scratching when troubleshooting access rights issues.


  • Sync: Stop syncing blobs when the configuration is disabled
    Fixed an error where Sync tasks being disabled were still syncing blobs.
  • Move: Fixed bug causing the transfer to hang after service restart
    Fixed issue where transfer status may be wrong when the service is restarted during transfer.
  • Move: Double gzip encoding
    In some rare instances, the files sent can be compressed twice.


7.11 - 21 June 2021


  • Sync: Destination client fails to download an update
    Fixed a protocol bug that prevented the destination client from downloading an update for the sync task. (This fix would only prevent the error message from being logged, but will not help with the corrupted transmission itself)
[ERR] Failed to download blob; aborting this run; Error Message: Hash Control Error on incoming chunk(0)


  1. Determine which file(s) are stuck in the logs.
  2. At the source, copy this file to another synced folder (or create a subfolder to copy the file to)
  3. Drive will then sync this file to the cloud, and the chunk will be added to the database.
  4. The chunk will then be delivered to the destination folder, allowing you to proceed.
  5. As there could be more than one file stuck, you may need to repeat the operation on more files.

  6. When the task has finished successfully syncing, remember to clean up by deleting the copy of the file (s)


7.10 - 27 May 2021


  • Move: Failure to resume on download
    If a package download is aborted, the client will throw an exception the next time it tries to download the package before sending an acknowledgment to the server.
  • Sync: Multiple instances of the client can be started
    Prevented instances where multiple instances of the Sync client launch.

7.9 - 12 May 2021


  • Move: Files being sent multiple times
    If the Move service is not able to delete a file after transmitting it, it will be sent multiple times.
  • Sync: Destination folder(s) not being updated
    Fixed a bug where the sync folder(s) at a destination is/are not updated. When this happens, the following error message can be found in the log file:
    [ERR] An unhandled exception occurred; Unable to resolve parent folder
  • Failed transmission whenever a carrier failover
    In situations where a carrier failover occurs during a transfer, the ongoing transmission will cease and fail to resume.
  • Encountered an error when updating configurations
    In situations where the configured path is unavailable or accessible, alongside rare occurrences, any configuration change(s) is/are not detected by the client.


  • Improved logging on exceptions
    Added task information on certain exceptions to improve traceability.


7.8 - 09 March 2021


  • Invalid file size reported to the cloud
    Due to a visual problem on the Activity Monitor, a Move task may report and reflect as 0 bytes. This can happen when the source folder is a file share and the file is not received in one complete chunk from Samba.


  • Support for Samba 3.0 
    Samba 3.0 is now officially supported for File Share.

7.7 - 4 December 2020


  • Move: Set Max Transmission per file/package size to 3GB
    The Move protocol has problems when transmitting multiple GB of data, where the 3GB limitation has now been set in place. If the package is more than 3GB, it will be divided into multiple transmissions

  • Windows Share: Fixed a Samba issue when many files are to be stored concurrently

7.6 - 7 September 2020


  • Sync and Move: Storing data to file share fails
    The Samba server has a maximum size for data to send or receive. This maximum size was not checked and respected by the Drive client, causing potential rejection from the file share. The client has now been redesigned to check the maximum size before sending data.


7.5 - 28 August 2020


  •  Window Share has been redesigned 
    SMB 2.1 must now be enabled on the client machines, where the files would be synced or moved to

          Click on the following for the detailed instructions on how to detect and enable SMB 2.1                  protocol:


  •  Sync: High CPU usage 
    Fixed problem where the Sync client gradually increases its CPU usage 

  •  Sync: the transfer is not resuming until after one hour 
    If a transmission fails, it will take one hour until transmission resumes. 

  • Sync: Downloads not completing  
    Some sync downloads are hanging forever. The reason is a bug in the sync client, not being able to create the files from the received blobs. Reading of metadata failed.


  • Move & Sync: Improved writing data to file shares 
    Redesigned writing to file shares to avoid the potential problems when many tasks access the same file share 
  •  Sync: Location of temp files 
    Currently, Sync is using the Windows temp folder. This may have unwanted consequences if other applications are using the same temp, and not cleaning up temp files 

    We will now create and use a temp folder on the location of the installation. 

  •  Move: Changed download order to avoid heavy delay for some downloads 
    When the heavy load on downloads, we have experienced downloads for some tasks to be pending for a long time. Changed communication between cloud and destination to contain all pending downloads instead of one task at a time. 

7.4 - 29 June 2020


  •  Sync: Client stops transferring data
    All transfers stop until the client is restarted. The reason is an error in exception handling, causing the client not to return from a function.

7.3 - 10 June 2020


  • Sync: Error situation at destination when a file is deleted at the source 
    When a file is deleted, it may occur that file info is not sent from the server. This was not properly handled by the client, causing the update to not complete 
  • Sync: Handling of error situation when temp file is not possible to be created 
    This is related to situations where the windows temp folder is not cleaned by other applications. Temp files will have 8.3 namings, and when the namespace is “full”, the application will crash when not able to find an available file name. This is now handled, but for a future release, we will redesign the service to use a separate temp folder. 

  • Sync: Client hanging on source task operation 
    Fixed a problem where the client is not able to send folder updates. 
    Log error: The state is out of sync with the file system. Suspending operation for 30 seconds. 

  • Sync: Error situation when config changes 
    When the sync client receives a configuration change and there are many sync tasks configured, it is possible to end in a situation where there are several instances of a task running.  

  • Sync: Failure on the destination when an update has no metadata 
    When an update only contains file deletion, meaning that no metadata is included, the sync client might end up reporting the following error: 

    The required feature DestinationStateChangeFeature was not set on the context.

  • Sync: Client stops transferring data

    All transfers stop until the client is restarted. The reason is an error in exception handling, causing the client not to return from a function.

7.1 - 04 May 2020

  • The protocol handling authentication now supports the use of WebSockets. We have eliminated the limitations in some operating systems like Windows® 7 and Windows® Server 2012.
  • We have improved efficiency on file download by simplifying database operations.
  • Drive now has a new and streamlined metadata format. We have also improved the compression of metadata to reduce transfer size.
  • The service now performs disk space checks to verify sufficient disk space before initiating up-and-download.
  • Bug fix: We have made several stability improvements in the sync protocol. In the move protocol, an error where resumes on large files failed is now fixed.

7.0 - 19 March 2020

  • The Smart Folder™ feature now includes the option of using custom ship codes to automate folder creation on either source or destination. This dramatically improves the flexibility to manage file locations to correspond with company-specific requirements.
  • For move tasks, there is now the option of having the service copy files automatically to a local backup folder without interfering with the transfer. This can be a useful feature in case a transmission fails, or if having a rollback option available is a requirement
  • There is now an option to enable or disable tasks. This feature makes it easy to stop all activities on a task temporarily or to delay startup until the installation on all your clients is complete.
  • Super-admins can now receive logs from clients automatically for complete traceability into data transfer tasks.

6.3 - 04 February 2020

  • BUG FIX: The destination folder scanning does not work for UNC paths. This bug was introduced in Drive 6.0.

6.2 - 14 January 2020 (patch release)

  • Fixed a bug where temporary zero-byte files were not deleted from the disk when not needed anymore
  • Resolved an error situation when bandwidth control is enabled but not configured


6.1 - 08 January 2020 (patch release)

  • Sync: Fixed a potential crash situation
  • Sync: Improved handling of token renewal upon expiry
  • Move: Last modified time of files are no longer taken into consideration unless the task is configured to have a delay. This allows for files with a last modified in the future to still be sent.
  • Move: Improved handling of token renewal upon expiry

6.0 - 06 January 2020

  • Scan sync files on the destination
    • If files or folders are added, modified, or deleted, Drive will alter the changes making sure destinations are an exact mirror of the source. Previously, destination folders would be scanned for changes on an hourly basis
  • Proactive data import
    • In cases where a large amount of data is to be synchronized to the ships, data might be delivered on a USB stick or similar to destinations. For this purpose, a feature called Proactive Data Import is created.
      By copying files into this folder
      <install folder>DualogDrive\DualogDrive.Sync.Client\DataImport
      they will be imported to the storage for the deduplication transfer protocol. After adding data to the storage, files will be deleted from the DataImport folder.
      When this data is to be downloaded, the protocol will recognize this data as already available and create the files without having to download them.
      Any data can be stored in this folder and help the system to reduce bandwidth usage.
      Be aware that subfolders will not be imported, so make sure all files are copied to the DataImport root folder.

5.0 - 05 January 2019

  • Platform: Carrier detection
    • Allows you to configure carrier detection for ships to identify which internet carrier is currently in use for the platform
  • Drive: Bandwidth control
    • Set rules in Drive tasks to tell which carriers they are allowed to send data over
  • Platform: now reports carrier changes to the cloud
  • Sync: added support for Windows 7
  • Sync: improved logging
  • Sync: fixed an issue causing sync to sometimes time out while downloading
  • Move: added re-trying of storing a file in the destination folder. Previously this would only happen on a restart of the service
  • Platform: Improved handling of knowing whether an installation is offline in cases where the LiveLink on the installation crashes
  • Changed logging folder to DualogDigitalPlatform\DigitalPlatform.Client\logs
  • Move: Overwrite will merge with the existing file in the destination folder instead of replacing it
  • Move: improved handling of situations where config is changed while a file is being uploaded.
  • Improved service startup on Windows reboot due to race conditions

3.1 - 20 November 2019 (patch release)

  • Improved deduplication protocol handling of files from the cloud to installation, lowering the amount of failed transfers
  • Improved software requirement checks during installations
  • Sync: Improved exception handling

3.0 - 18 October 2019

  • Added global deduplication protocol using algorithms to minimize the amount of data transferred between installation and cloud
  • Added LiveLink handling of ship installations
  • Added over the air (OTA) updating
  • Re-implemented Sync
  • Improved registration of installations by adding more error checks

2.4 - 23 September 2019 (patch release)

  • Added resume option for when files fail to download to an installation

2.3 - 22 August (patch release)

  • Improved handling of files larger than 1GB
  • Improved handling of Windows shares needing user authentication
  • Fixed a bug causing very large files to fail to send
  • Improved error reporting and logging
  • Changed all logging to be in UTC
  • Drive components now report version numbers
  • Improved error messages on the installation registration page

2.2 - 30 June 2019

  • Major redesign of the backend to utilize the platform services
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