Dualog Link Platform - Changelog


This page lists every addition/modification to the Digital Link Platform.

(04 October 2022)


  • Introduced the Activation Code
    This simplifies the installation of Link Platform clients and services. In addition to the traditional registration with user credentials and selecting ship, clients can now be registered by using this activation code. The creation and administration of activation codes are found on the Installations page.

8.13 (16 September 2022)


  • Config file (appsettings.json) is recovered correctly
  • Link Platform not reporting Fatal error
    During OTA the Link Transfer service returns a fatal error (which it should not) when being stopped. This causes Windows to restart it, and when the installer tries to update files, they are locked by the Link Transfer service. The installer exits and tries to roll back. In this process, one config file is not correct, causing all services not able to find the URL for our cloud

8.12 (06 September 2022)


  • Added Ship Status UI
    A simple and generic UI has been added to display some status information for each client.
  • Reporting data to Ship Status UI
    The Link Platform reports the following data to the Ship Status UI
    • Number of log lines pending in the outbound message queue(Fetch)
    • Number of log lines (Fetch)sent since the last restart of the Platform client


8.11 (06 July 2022)


  • New Link Transfer Protocol for Fetch


8.10 (25 May 2022)

From version 8.5 we have had multiple iterations of the pilot version to improve specific error situations. This document summarises all changes made from 8.5 to 8.10.

Each headline is a summary of multiple bug fixes and improvements.


  • Deduplication protocol: Handle corrupted/missing chunks
    In situations where requested chunks are missing or corrupt, the deduplication protocol now asks the cloud for the data. A situation with corrupted or missing chunks should not happen, but we have experienced a few situations where this happens.
  • Deduplication protocol: Improved handling of large data volume

    For very large revisions (many files, high volume), metadata transmissions might take a too long time, and the protocols times out. The protocol will restart from where it timed out. This might happen multiple times before it finally succeeds and can start sending data. In addition to increasing the timeout value, we have made multiple improvements in the protocol to avoid these situations.

  • Deduplication protocol: Improved error handling

    General improvements in error handling in the protocol.

8.5 (17 March 2022)


  • Sync Protocol: Blob Transfer service
    Fixed an issue where the protocol was unable to process after an error and became caught in a loop, reporting "Failed to fetch next section of the blob."
    This service must be restarted before proceeding.
  • Sync Protocol: Blob Transfer service

    Fixed an issue where the protocol completely stops due to either low throughput or high latency.

8.4 (14 March 2022)


  • Sync Protocol: High usage of connects
    Fixed a bug that caused high usage of connects.
  • Link Transfer Protocol: Handle unhandled exception

    Fixed an issue where the service crashed when failed to retrieve the token.


  • Link Transfer Protocol: Improve restart on crash
    Unhandled exceptions will cause the application to display errors in the Event Viewer and crash.
    The service is supposed to be restarted by Windows., which did not happen.
    Some enhancements have been made to ensure a proper restart.

8.0 (12 October 2021)


  • Blob Transfer Protocol
    The new Sync Protocol is now moved outside of the Drive client and added as a Link Platform service, enabling it to be used by other services as well. It is now running as a window service called DualogBlobServiceClient.


  • Improved SQLite Database performance
    Removed the encryption layer to improve performance
  • Improved transfer and log collection from clients

    Client logs can be ordered through apps.dualog.com.
    Because of flaws in the transfer protocol, only small time windows can be downloaded in each batch.

    A fix has now been implemented to improve this.

  • Improved Deduplication Protocol
    Added various improvements to error handling and performance.

7.2 (26 August 2020)


  • OTA update cleanup
    Before downloading a new installer, the old one is deleted


  • OTA update timeout
    We have seen situations where OTA updates never complete. Added timeout value to avoid this.
  • LiveLink is not updating token
    If the access token expires and receives a 401 error, LiveLink does not update the token, causing other services to think it is offline. The token is now updated automatically once it expires.
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