Warning: The Least Cost Routing has failed X time(s) in a row


In order to keep the ship informed at all times about any unexpected behavior that can affect critical tasks, the Connection Suite is programmed to send selected warning email messages to the ship's Postmaster, typically the main email account.

These email messages are generated as soon as a specific criterion has been triggered, no matter how temporary or persistent the highlighted issue is.

Before taking any action, personally assess if the task mentioned in the email is currently working as intended. If it does, it means that the failure was only temporary and you do not need it to take any action.



This automated notification is generated when the primary communication carrier onboard has not been able to connect to the Dualog shore servers for email exchanges.

This is generally caused by poor or absent coverage or potential issues in regards to the connectivity from the communication carrier onboard to our shore servers.

If the system notification has been constantly received by the ship's Postmaster account, please note that it is not possible to stop their flow as they are triggered whenever there are issues sending data via communications equipment. It is however possible to increase the warning delay or configure another account to be the ship, Postmaster.


As the most common reason for the notification is due to poorly performing communication equipment, this should be investigated as a first instance by vessel IT and the airtime provider.

If the goal is to reduce the amount of these warnings or to change the ship account these notifications are sent to, you may increase the warning delay, or change the ship Postmaster account.



The warning delay refers to the number of connections that must fail before this warning is generated in the inbox of the Postmaster account.

By default, this is set to 0. though as most vessels connect on an interval of 20 minutes or lower, this warning delay may be aggressive, where an outage of a few hours may fill the inbox with warnings. It would therefore be recommended to configure the delay to be higher.

The warning delay can be configured both on apps.dualog.com, and the admin panel on the ship Connection Suite version 3.10 and up.

The setting will be found under "Cloud Connection Settings" on the communication equipment page for both apps.dualog.com and ship Connection Suite.

On Dualog Apps portal, navigate to Connection Suite -> CS Ship Setup -> select vessel -> Communication -> scroll down and expand 'Cloud connection settings'.


In ship Connection Suite 3.10, the steps will be identical after accessing the admin panel and opening up the configuration page of 'Communication Setup'.




The Postmaster account is the account that will receive automated notifications related to the Dualog, and this can only be changed on apps.dualog.com.

The setting will be found under email -> settings -> onboard server settings, as the below gif illustrates.




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